Re-imagining Democracy Report: 28/3/2015

Assembly for Democracy London

Saturday March 28th 2015
London South Bank University

Introduction by Corinna Lotz

Expectations of the London Assembly

Notes from the Working Groups

With video by John Pennifold and photos by Peter Arkell

There were also two Open Space Working Groups on:

  • Digital Democracy and
  • Capitalism is in crisis, collapsing, not based on needs. What is the alternative?
Assemblies 12

Results from a working group going on the wall for everyone at the London Assembly to look at.

Assemblies 21

Memed Aksoy (left), Kurdish People’s Assembly UK, addressing the workshop ‘Revolutionary change and the Kurdish movement’.

Assemblies 9

Alexandra Runswick, director of Unlock Democracy (in red), listens to a point in her working group

Assemblies 25

Occupy Democracy’s working group ‘What a real democracy would look like’ at the London Assembly

7 thoughts on “Re-imagining Democracy Report: 28/3/2015

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  3. It is very unfortunate that I have only just come across this now. Could I please ask if there are plans for a follow set of discussions in London? If not, Democratic Reform ( would be happy to organise something late in the summer.

    Robert (


  4. Congratulations on the massive success of the first two events.
    And sending good thoughts and vibes for the event on Saturday coming in Manchester.
    Wish I could be there…next time :0)


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