Join us in Swansea


Bringing democracy to life!

Make your voice heard and help make a difference

Please come along to the planning group for the Assembly for Democracy in Swansea. We meet fortnightly and need your help.


There are a host of organisations and thousands of people actively demanding and working for democratic change in the UK. Many are inspired by movements for democracy globally.

Among them are OpenDemocracy, the Democratic Reform Party and Occupy Democracy. Many people argue that grassroots democracy is the answer to some of the big issues of our time.

According to the National Theatre of Wales Big Democracy Project

“It could be argued that our political system is at breaking point. Some say politicians act in the interest of corporations and not of the people. Throughout the world, there seems to be an air of discontentment.”

The Assemblies for Democracy aims to share ideas, views and information and explore how these individual voices can become a movement for change. Working together we can begin to create a real democracy, where people themselves decide what’s best for their communities, towns, cities and workplaces.

We hope that Assemblies for Democracy will take off in every community, town and city and, inspired by historic struggles, begin to challenge the present undemocratic system.

We’re learning as we go and can already benefit from the experiences of others. Interviews with the organisers of Assemblies in London, Manchester and Glasgow are here. In Swansea, for the first time, we’re using VocalEyes, a made-in-Wales, digital democracy tool designed to collect ideas and convert them into action.

Be part of planning the future..

We think it’s time to take responsibility for ourselves through direct democracy and action. We need to clearly express our collective needs. So if you agree with us that it’s time to remodel democracy, let us know if you would be willing to join us in developing the Assembly for Democracy.


Write to us at if you’d like to join our planning group, or have any questions. 

Or, if you’re not already on it please join the mailing list HERE

If you can, please also forward this to others in your network who this event may resonate with.

we look forward to hearing from you

Gerry Gold, Convenor

Assemblies for Democracy


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