Assemblies for Democracy mourns the death of Mehmet Aksoy

Mehmet Aksoy

Mehmet Aksoy

To Mehmet’s family and friends, the Kurdish community and editors at The Kurdish Question:

We at Assemblies for Democracy London have been deeply saddened by the news of the killing of Mehmed Aksoy.

We would like to send our sincere condolences to the family, friends and to the Kurdish community of London and the UK.

Mehmed was an eloquent and devoted defender of the Kurdish People’s struggle and a great champion of real democracy. We were very fortunate to have him speak at our Re-Imagining Democracy event in March 2015. We were touched by his passion and knowledge.

We send our deepest wishes of sympathy and solidarity,

Assemblies for Democracy, London

P.S. There is a 27-minute film of Mehmet speaking at the above link

Call to form citizens’ convention alliance

Assemblies for Democracy in London has called for the creation of an alliance for a citizens’ convention on the constitution. It has invited a number of organisations, political parties and campaigns to meet in Parliament in October.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell at an Assemblies for Democracy meeting in Parliament

We have already had a positive response from the signatories of our letter published in the Guardian last year, Time for a new UK Citizen’s Constitution.

The purpose of this meeting is twofold:

i) to share the extensive work our group has accomplished through regular meetings since 2014 in scoping out strategies and processes for the creation of a citizens’ constitutional convention.

ii) to begin explorations towards the creation of a broad alliance of equal partners that would be sufficiently strong to instigate a movement for a new constitution developed and drafted by the citizens of the UK themselves.

With constitutional issues relating to Brexit, questions over the future of Scotland and Northern Ireland, the legitimacy of our electoral systems and the feelings of powerlessness highlighted by events such as the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the time is right for a deeply inclusive conversation on how the people of these isles wish to constitute themselves.

Hope and courage lost

A letter by Malcolm Katz

Last week in this ‘green and pleasant land,’  and with a single stroke of the pen [as it were],  all but 13 extraordinarily courageous members of The Commons surrendered any  hope for a Parliament following their own Act in holding themselves  subject to a five-year, fixed term of office, with the Conservatives calling a snap election Continue reading

Time for a citizens’ convention on the constitution – letter to the Guardian

The EU referendum has raised important questions about where power lies and where it should lie, which won’t be seriously addressed without creating an independent process for change. There is a widespread perception that our political system is broken. Many feel that key decisions are made in the interests of corporations, banks and the super wealthy. Increasing inequality and an antiquated voting system, which has produced a majority government with the support of fewer than one in four registered voters, add to a growing discontent.

At the heart of this social disquiet lies our uncodified and somewhat mysterious constitution, whose essential features date back to the end of the 18th century. We have to take democracy into the 21st century, tackle the underlying problems of trust in our political system and address the constitutional issues about how countries within the UK relate to each other.

That is why we are supporting the proposal for the creation of a citizens’ convention on the constitution. This has to be an open, transparent and independent process, because those who hold the levers of power have too much of a vested interest in preserving the status quo. A citizen-led process could refound the UK on the democratic principle of popular sovereignty, where power truly does rest with the people and decisions are made in the public interest.

Neal Lawson Chair of Compass
Anthony Barnett Founder, openDemocracy
Natalie Bennett Leader, Green Party of England and Wales
Alexandra Runswick Director, Unlock Democracy
Michael Mansfield QC
Michael Sheen Actor
Klina Jordan Facilitator, Make Votes Matter
Stuart White Fellow in politics, Jesus College, Oxford
Nick Dearden Director, Global Justice Now
Corinna Lotz, Assemblies for Democracy

Published 2 July 2016

A wide range of views on constitutional convention

The Purpose and Process of a Constitutional Convention – read the detailed results of a survey conducted by Assemblies for Democracy London. Those consulted included participants at the May 10 meeting at Parliament plus members of the Assemblies for Democracy planning group. It reveals a thought-provoking and wide range of views on what a convention should be about and how people might be consulted.

Here are the results which reveal both a common purpose and a wide range of ideas: Survey2016

Continue reading

Towards a Citizens’ Constitutional Convention

Calls for a convention on the constitution, which emerged strongly in 2014 around the time of Scotland’s independence referendum, have taken on a new lease of life since last year’s general election. They are driven by a growing recognition that system-level change is needed if we are to tackle the pile-up of policies that are attacking the citizenry from every conceivable angle. And there is a clear recognition that the process should be citizen-led if the outcomes of a convention are to have real significance. Jon Trickett, Labour’s shadow communities minister, whose brief includes the constitutional convention, put forward a bold proposal for an independent process at a Democracy Day event organised by Compass earlier this year.

Read the full article on openDemocracy




Convention planning group January 30

Here are the decisions of the Citizens Convention on the Constitution planning group held on January 30.

1) Following the Democracy Day organised by Compass, which five members of our planning group attended, we will take up Compass’ invitation to be part of a group to work with Jon Trickett MP on proposals for a constitutional convention.

2) We will pursue the possibility of a separate meeting with Jon Trickett.

We are attending both meetings with Trickett in our capacity as an independent, autonomous  group.

3) We will plan “Fun Days” in different parts of the UK as exercises in working towards citizens constitutional convention.

Next meeting: 12.30-4pm Saturday, 27 February
Arlington Conference Centre
220 Arlington Road
Camden Town NW1 7HE

Citizens Convention on the Constitution planning group

Following our Assembly in London on November 14, a planning group was created to continue work on plans for a Citizens Convention on the Constitution. The first meeting was held on December 12. A second meeting on January 9 agreed the following principle and aims:

Principle: “We affirm the democratic principle that power should rest with the people”


i) campaign for a Citizens Convention on the Constitution
ii) work with other campaigns, organisations & individuals on practical steps that lead to the holding of a Convention
iii) launch a citizen/people-led constitutional democratic process

Here are the notes from our the January 9 meeting which was facilitated by Julie and Andy.
17 people attended. Apologies from Martha, Malcolm, Susan, Frances, Fiona, Adnan, Gloria. Continue reading

Housing crisis, Oxford

Oxford Democracy Builders brought people together to discuss the current housing crisis in the city. After some introduction and friendship-building, they began by talking in small groups about our personal experiences of housing in Oxford. Moving on to talk about the causes, many interconnected factors were noted, but they all seemed to be related fundamentally to politics: to the politics of land and property ownership and to finance. Report here