Re-imagining Democracy Demo: 10/5/2015

Occupy DemocracyTowards a Citizens’ Assembly on the Constitution

The General Election is resulting in deadlock. Protests are erupting as we speak, from local communities, to Parliament Square, to the stock markets. It is the right time to re-imagine democracy.

Join us on:

Sunday May 10th 2015,  1.30 – 4pm
Parliament Square, London


“Re-Imagining Democracy” will ask how a Citizens’ Assembly on the Constitution could work, what we want to see in that constitution, and how we might come to organise it.

The event will be organised in a decentralised manner, and will make use of lightning talks, ‘unconferenced’ group discussions, and hopefully by the end, a grand conversation designed to pull all of the groups together into a ‘fishbowl conversation’.

Please do bring your thoughts, and your friends, on the day. We look forward to seeing you there!

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