Designing Democracy for the 21st century

Tuesday May 10, 6-9pm
Committee Room 5
House of Commons 

Register at Eventbrite.

“Why do we need a constitutional convention?”
“How do we design one that will have the best outcome for citizens?”

Energy is building for a citizens-led convention that looks critically at the present broken UK constitution and comes forward with proposals for democratic change. Jon Trickett, the shadow minister for the constitutional convention, supports the idea. King’s College, University of London, is drafting a proposal to create and run a convention. Could a convention draft an entirely new constitution or should it recommend reforms? Should Parliament have the final say on a convention’s proposals?

Come to this Assemblies for Democracy event and debate these and other issues with our panel and help build the pressure for substantial change.

  • Aisha Dodwell, Global Justice Now!
  • Frances Foley, Unlock Democracy
  • Alan Renwick, Constitution Unit, University College London
  • Julie Timbrell, Occupy Democracy
  • Paul Feldman, Assemblies for Democracy
  • Eddie Molloy, Electoral Reform Society

Space is limited so register asap. Allow yourself enough time to pass through the security arrangements at Westminster.

One thought on “Designing Democracy for the 21st century

  1. The great conspiracy of public careerists

    Dear Madame/Sir,

    let me communicate, through an extreme synthesis, an important awareness. Please, allow me to go back in time for a moment.

    At the end of World War II, by having embraced democracy and renounced to tyranny, Italy and other Countries would have to clean up their State apparatuses and minor sections of them from the people hired for life, from the careerists. The takeover of democracy transferred the property of the State in the hands of the people creating so the Res Publica. First the Public Employment (thus the ADMINISTRATIVE and JUDICIAL POWER) would have to be opened to the participation at determined time of anyone, with the necessary requirements, had wished to give her/his contribution, being of course well remunerated too. As it already was the case in the LEGISLATIVE POWER.

    The democracy is made in fact not by the vote but by the temporary mandate. The vote follows the temporariness, it does not exist in itself. The bureaucrats, the public careerists holders of the administrative and judicial power, of the entire mountain of the State, legislative peak apart, carefully avoided to clarify the very different texture of a democracy from monarchies, empires and tyrannies in general. Boss of culture and information, no subject escaped their domestication. It has been thus maintained the tyrannical system that easily manipulates a majority excluded from the Res Publica, continuously realizing the wills of each clique, elite, lobby and mafia.

    As the rest of the world still considers Europe a great cultural, political and social reference, the whole world is keeping itself on very backward positions.

    A well-made world full of immense wonder has been prevented to born. I only can hope in your curiosity. I am working to make democratic the Administrative and Judicial Power in Italy and the European Union.

    I hope you want make the same in your Country. And all together for the Earth.

    Danilo D’Antonio


    richer italian site:


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