Inspiration from an Iraqi poet

A country is not a country without its people
who are not people without love
which is not love without liberty
which is not liberty without awareness
which is not awareness without knowledge
which is not knowledge without reading
which is not reading without books
which are not books without writers
who are not writers without life
which is not life without beauty
which is not beauty without art
which is not art without creativity
which is not creativity without experimentation
which is not experimentation without searching
which is not searching without exploring
which is not exploring without openness
which is not openness without confidence
which is not confidence without peace
which is not peace without law
which is not law without justice
which is not justice without equality
which is not equality without rights
which are not rights without conscience
which is not conscience without ethics
which is not ethics without nurture
which is not nurture without education
which is not education without learning
which is not learning without growth
which is not growth without discussion
which is not discussion without thought
which is not thought without freedom
which is not freedom without independence
which is not independence without people
who are not people without … etc

From Reading and the Tomahawk followed by The Intellectual and Assassination (780 pages) 2010, Beirut
by Adnan al-Sayegh [supporter of Assemblies for Democracy]

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