Expectations – 28/4/2015

Here are the expectations which people posted up just before the start of the London Assembly for Democracy in May 2015

  • To learn how democracy can be achieved in an era of huge inequality and centralised power
  • To explore how existing networks (housing, workers, climate, etc) are working together
  • Meet people wanting to change things
  • To understand more about the current political context and hear some
  • Alternative ideas regarding economic and political policies
  • I’m setting up a non-profit incubator for civic tech. Looking for projects @edsaperia
  • How democracy works and how it should work 🙂
  • Is it time to abandon Churchillian democracy and replace it with a representative parliament with members selected on the same basis as jurors?? Jasper Tomlinson
  • Online micro-volunteering to make elections better 🙂 Democracyclub.org.uk
  • I want to see how it is done
  • Hear others’ views and feelings about the nature and activities of democracy (Jonathan Wilson)
  • Explore and understand democracy with like-minded people
  • Network, make connections and new relationships and build solidarity
  • To refocus on and exchange thoughts and ideas and bring into my life
  • A clearer idea of what democracy means in contemporary England
  • Lively discussion on topics that matter
  • Hearing what other people think and learning new things
  • Create a functional society and communities ties without any of the puppets and puppet masters 😉
  • A great collaboration idea! Looking forward to more ideas and more collaboration
  • A clearer understanding of the issues and problems facing us
  • From VocalEyes.org – a digital bottom-up ideas crowdsourcing and decision making web-based platform

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