London Working Group Notes: A People’s Parliament

London Working Group Notes: A People’s Parliament


John McDonnell MP introduced the Working Group

  • Digital democracy – for elderly especially

Corruption & accountability

  • Everyone is doing it (not just Rifkind & Straw)
  • Conflict of interests
  • Corporate capture of Parliament
  • What sort of representative democracy do we want?
  • There should be no career politicians
  • Right of recall fundamental
  • Democratise the media and education

How did we get to where we are now?

  • Labour Party once a coalition of social democracy and socialists and unions. But now has become corporatised. System has corrupting influence on new MPs. It is a facilitator of capitalism. The very structure of the building has an intimidating and corrupting influence – Shut it Down!
  • All gains made under social democracy are now being rolled back.
  • Assemblies are fantastic but so much more potential out there.
  • Local government cut by 40%

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