London Working Group Notes: Women and Human Rights


Margaret Owen introduced the Working Group – see YouTube video below

  • Women’s National Commission, a coalition of women’s organisations, was abolished by Con-Lib coalition: removed mechanism for women’s voices, now have government equality office.
  • How can we hold government to what they promised in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action?
  • Cuts disproportionately affecting women: Legal Aid cuts, domestic violence, cuts to EMA women in education, benefit cuts.
  • Domestic violence, prostitution, trafficking
  • Women’s voices in every area
  • Laws are there, the problem is enforcement! How do you simplify rights to explain it to people?
  • Lack of promotion of rights and gender equality among children
  • Using the media and education


  • Hustings- human rights
  • Positive developments in schools
  • Using social media to engage with younger women
  • Community campaigning and activism – connect with schools/families
  • Inform Civil Society
  • Community ideas: informing people (social media, updating online), financial resources, restoring activism, workshops.

Why are women in trouble?

  • Neoliberal ideology
  • Multinational companies controlling governments

Key themes

  • Threats: cuts to services affecting women and human rights coming to a standstill
  • Community campaigning and activism, financial support, restoring activism in civil society

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